Taplejung District is one of 77 districts of Nepal and one of the 14 districts of Province No. 1. It is remotely located in the Himalayas in Eastern Nepal with Tibet to the north across the Himalayas. Taplejung is the third largest district (by area) of Nepal. The district covers an area of 3,646 square kilometres (1,408 sq mi) and has a total population (2011 Nepal census) of 127,461. The district is surrounded by Tibet (China) in the north, Sankhuwasabha District in the west, Tehrathum District and Panchthar District in the south and Sikkim (India) in the east. Geographically, the district is located at a latitude of 27º 06’ to 27º 55’N and a longitude of 87º57’ to 87º40’ E.

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