The Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs  is the central agency of the Government of Nepal for drafting laws and making legal reforms in line with the spirit of the Rule of Law.

There was no institutional mechanism in the government for drafting laws and treaties before the Ministry came into existence. Previously, in 1950, legislation would be enacted with the use of royal seal or Khadganishana (Sword Mark) only in consultation with the learned people, merchants, sages, landlords and socially reputed persons. Thereafter, a practice was introduced to enact legislation by the King through the royal seal in consultation with the Council of Ministers.

The Department of Law carried out the act of drafting legislation from 1950 to 1955. In 1956, the “Department of Law”‘ was named as “Ministry of Law”. Thereafter, the Ministry was given different names in different periods. Now, it has recently been named as “Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs” under the Government of Nepal (Allocation of Business) Rules, 2018.

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