Lahan is a town and municipality in Siraha District located in south-eastern Nepal. It is connected with Mahendra Highway, which is also called the east-west highway close to the Indian border, neighboring the Indian state Bihar.. It is located nearly 350 kilometers or 99.3 miles east of the capital, Kathmandu. It is at an elevation of 111 meters above sea level. It follows Nepali time zone, UTC/GMT Offset: +05:45 hours. The closest major airport is Janakpur Airport (JKR / VNJP). The Indian border is situated 162 kilometers from the east-west highway. Laukha is the nearest entry point into India. The town has many hotels and eateries along the highway. The population has increased gradually due to urbanization over a period of 20 years.[1] All disputes are settled in the district court located in Siraha. Lahan was a small village and had its development started by few traders. These traders sold goods to people coming to the town from the hills. The main trade items were cloth and agricultural products. The main occupation of the people is involved in small businesses. Being located along the highway, the hotels have been providing their services to travelers. The famous Sagarmatha Choudhary Eye Hospital has been the pride of the town. The hospital has patients from all over the world mainly being of Indian nationals. The industrial sector has also been one of most prominent factors for its growth. It was primarily an agrarian economy but over period of time it has evolved as trade and industrial center of the region. Residents of hilly and mountainous region of the Sagarmatha zone are largely dependent on Lahan for their supplies.

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