The Department of Immigration (DOI) is the principal authority to execute and implement the immigration laws of Nepal. Established under the Ministry of Home Affairs (Government of Nepal), it is assigned with the responsibility of monitoring, controlling, and regulating the entry, exit, and stay of foreign nationals in Nepal. Furthermore, it shoulders the obligation of managing the entry and exit (Arrival and Departure) of Nepali citizens to and from Nepal.

The Department of Immigration is guided by the legal framework laid down by Immigration Act, 2049; Immigration Regulation, 2051 & Immigration Procedure, 2065 and thus derive functions of issuing Visa, Trekking Permit, detaining and investigating violations or breaching of the Immigration laws of country and filing lawsuits in the court. These functions are administered through DOI office (Kathmandu) and twelve Entry and Exit points including the Immigration office, TIA (Tribhuvan International Airport).

On Arrival tourist visas are issued by Immigration Offices at Entry and Exit points except for the Immigration office, Pokhara. Immigration office, Pokhara extends Tourist Visa and issues trekking permits for restricted areas trekking unlike other Entry and Exit points. Tourist visa extension can be done from the Department of Immigration, Kathmandu. Non Tourist visa is issued and extended only from the DOI office, Kathmandu.

The Department of Immigration is working in close coordination with other stakeholders for safer migration and tourism promotion. We have been promoting tourism via ‘On Arrival’ Tourist visa at TIA – the only International Airport in Nepal, where our officials are at work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We are constantly looking for ways to introduce reforms and innovation in our service delivery as well as to accomplish our roles & responsibilities dictated by the governing immigration rules and regulations.

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